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Swiz- VS (also known as TBM) is a fighting game that puts Marvel and DC superheroes against Capcom character (such as characters from the street fighter series) and Anime characters. You'll have a selection of 80 characters to choose for and over 60 stages to fight on.

**IMPORTANT** If something happen during a match that breaks the game (bug) pressing f4 will reset the entire match.




What separates my game from traditional 2d fighting games is that the controls for each character have been simplified. Basically to do any special attack for any character is the button input down forward or down backward and then any attack button. for ultimates the button input is down forward or down backward and then any strong attack. 

The button configuration for keyboard....



Player1                                                                                                                           Player2

-----------                                                                                                                 -----------------

Left =A                                                                                                    Left = Left arrow key

Right=D                                                                                                Right = Right arrow key

Jump=W                                                                                              Jump = Up arrow key

Crouch =S                                                                                         Crouch = Down arrow key

--Combat                                                                                        *Make sure NumLock is                                                                                                                                                  on*

Attack Buttons = U,I,O,P                                                        Attack Buttons = 4,5,6,+ 

Strong Attack Buttons = J,K                                              Strong Attack Buttons=1,2

The button configuration for Xbox Controller is....

*If Controller doesn't work try closing and opening the game with controller plugged in*




Left = Analog Left

Right = Analog Right

Jump = Analog Up

Crouch = Analog Down


Attack Buttons = A,B,Y,X

Strong Attack Buttton = LB,RB

*These are just my default controls if you wanna change them you can in the options menu*

*Also If you use a ps4 controller you will have to configure the controls for it on your own.*

Install instructions

**IMPORTANT**  The game takes a couple of seconds to start when you first opening so be patient before trying to reboot or deleting

-The file you download should be called Swiz -VS, when you open it there should be a file in it called TBM_Last_Beta(Screenpack). 

-After clicking TBM_Last_Beta(Screenpack) scroll to the bottom to the file called  TBM Last Beta v5.2019, that should prompt a message asking whether you want to run or extract all.

-Click the extract all option and then click the browser button next to the search bar, there you can select where to the game files(personally I put it on my desktop to make it easy to find). After you selected a destination hit the extract button on the bottom

-When your done the file  TBM_Last_Beta(Screenpack) should be where ever you decided to put the game file. When you click on it the actual game would be located at the very bottom after you scroll down.


Swiz-VS.zip 1 GB

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